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Struggling To Find a Purpose?

Me too…

I struggle every day.  I haven’t so far been able to find my main purpose in life. I lost two people I love in the past three years or so.  One of these people had been with me my entire life and the other was my best friend since we were 12 years old.  Both of these people struggled in the same way as I.  I didn’t realize that until today.  My dad actually found his purpose late in life.  I thank God for that everyday.  He was an artist it turned out and a damn good one.

The other person died in bed alone, probably feeling like a failure.  We weren’t close in the end.  Two people who both struggle with depression don’t usually help each other very much and although we loved one another that love made it to where we could no longer look at each other or even talk.  It was too painful to watch and we couldn’t do anything for each other anymore.  We were and I am still emotionally crippled.

Recently I’ve come to realize how much not having a major life purpose is impacting my life.  The quality of my life is impacted and my happiness is suffering grotesquely because I feel like i’m floating aimlessly.  I don’t believe that a mere job will solve this severe depression that has come over me because of the lost empty feeling of having no purpose.

One thing I’d like to clarify; I know in this moment, that this is my personal demon.

The problem is, I am a people pleaser. I want my purpose to please the person I am in a relationship with.  I can’t handle a displeasing attitude around me.  It makes me question my ability, my intelligence, my purpose. When I don’t get full support in the form of interest and feedback I partially blame my partner when I back off what prior to the displeasing attitude I thought was MY PURPOSE.


My partner thinks nothing of it if I am displeased with his choices.  My partner had a purpose prior to meeting me.  I wonder sometimes if him knowing his purpose early in life makes him more independent and confident in all his choices.

Should he care more or should I care less?

If I think less of what he finds displeasing will I become more like him and possibly find my purpose?  Am I allowing my fear of others displeasing attitudes stifle my choices and my purpose in life?

How can I find happiness by disregarding my partner’s feelings and thoughts on something as relevant as a major life choice and purpose in life?



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Nesting & Settling In

Reflections circa 1970’s/1980’s:

I grew up in a home where my mother made the best of what we had.  She was great at it. My mom could take an old rent house with or with out any help she would paint, clean and DIY it into a lovely home.  If we didn’t have the money to buy window coverings she would pull out the trusty sewing machine and make lovely custom curtains.

I love the environment I grew up in.  DIY was always the first choice and at times the only choice.  Recycling was a daily routine.  Not recycling like putting out bins for the city to pick up and carry off.  That type of recycling had not been invented yet.  Recycling like, nothing is thrown away without a thorough examination of whether that item could be used for something else.  No piece of clothing or any fabric was thrown away.  It was either passed down or cut up and turned into another piece of clothing or a blanket or curtain or pillow.  If we had no one to give it to or nothing to make with it, it was sent to Goodwill Industries.

My mom taught me the importance in reusing things, saving money, and how to sew among many, many other things.  My mom is my hero.  She always smiled and made the best out of every situation.

Flash forward to the present:

I’ve lived here in this big house for six years.  This house is not huge but it is the biggest home I’ve ever lived in much less owed.  I am just now creating a home.  For six years my house has been just a house.  I have not made it a home.  We have had a lot of turmoil and to top it off all the kids are now grown up and out on their own. Our youngest turned 18 and is eager and able to dive into his own life and bright future.  Empty nest is here.  It is now just the two of us and we have let the spare bedrooms sit as storage rooms for several years now.  I need to start settling in and nesting for this odd and quiet second half of our lives.  Where to start?


So far in January I have done the following:

I clean out both spare rooms completely giving away every item in those rooms I have not used in over a year or have no use for

I put a spare bed in one room for guests

I set up an area in one spare room for sewing and crafts

I sorted all my fabrics I have been storing to use and started and finished one quilt and some curtains

I sorted out and organized all my craft items and turned a hall closet into a craft closet

I turned one spare room walk in closet into a toy/play area for the grandchildren

I turned one spare room into a home office and the same rooms closet is now housing all my husbands and my hunting gear

I emptied the kitchen pantry, all cabinets and drawers, cleaned and organized them and got rid off all excess gadgets that were never used

I made living room drapes out of some fabric I had bought 12 years ago

I got all paperwork out, sorted through it and shredded half of it that was old and unnecessary


What’s going on here?!

I guess I’m finally nesting and settling in to the second half of our lives.  I am looking forward to a bright future and a home filled with love and grandchildren’s laughter.  I am also looking forward to all the quiet times where my husband and I can have places in our home to do those sewing projects (My awesome hubs sews with me. I call him my renaissance man), craft projects or just a place to pay the bills and balance the checkbook.

Empty nest syndrome is not going to get us down!  We have a big awesome home all to ourselves and we are going to use it to enjoy life, not as a museum and storage place for the past.

Hippie Lady

Peace and love to you on this beautiful day!







I can’t sleep. Ever. I rest four, maybe five hours a night. I can’t stop thinking. I lie here in this big king, memory foam adjustable bed and tweet. I tweet a lot these days. I have Facebook and during the day I Facebook some. Some days I post several times a day. I’m bored with my existence. It sounds terrible. It sounds depressing to say I’m bored with my life.

It isn’t bad.

It isn’t sad.

It isn’t depressing.

Is it?

It is just a fact that I’m in the middle of my life and I don’t know what to do next.

The things I come up with seem ludicrous.

Travelling and photographing 100 plus year old buildings that are abandoned.

Photographing little known, forgotten, cemeteries.

Being a clown.  That sounds fun.

Opening another second hand shop.

Write a book even if no one reads it.

Drive all over the United States. Leave my home and just drive until I’ve hit all continental states. Screw Hawaii. I’m not all about flying unless I absolutely have to. I may at some point change my mind about the flying thing someday but for today… No need, no desire.

I feel like I’m not normal.

Not sure if that is a bad thing.

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Start the #weekend with #FiveFingerDeathPunch

No time to post much. Just an idea…   Go somewhere fun and listen to music loud. Get a tattoo, drive around topless and enjoy life!  I’m off to mountains, people.  Empty nest syndrome? What the hell is that?! 💜✌🏼️
Here’s to having fun and midlife crisis in full swing! 💃🍻🎼

Hippy Lady 



#Tattoos #Aging and other things…

The next tattoo I think I want.  I’m doing it. Soon.

 I wonder if the grand kids will be thinking Nana has lost her mind.

First purple and blue hair. Hey why wait until I’m 80 to do it?  Next a tattoo on my shoulder. Shall I dare say it? The beginning of a “sleeve”. GASP.  😯

 I hope I will look more like this…

 Aging is scary.  I cannot and will not deny my fear mixed with joy of the process. I’m not afraid of dying. I’m not afraid of my looks fading or the wrinkles.  I guess the scary part is losing people, losing time.  Missing out on all the things that will happen after I’m gone.  Like, I’ll never know what my grandchildren will look like old.

The joy in aging is learning new things…  Meeting new people. Relationships and friendships are more meaningful now. Not caring what people think and not having a “beauty standard” to uphold and just doing what I want and being whomever and whatever I want. People just think I’m getting old and crazy.  I don’t care.  It’s fun.

If you Google aging there is a lot to read. It’s a huge industry. It’s overwhelming.

I’m not going to read any of that.

I’m going to go research great tattoo artists in my area and start saving for that sleeve. I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll wait. I’ve got lots of time, after all I’m not even 50 yet. Shocking the kids and grandkids with a sleeve when I’m 70 might be more fun.


Hippie Lady ☮✌🏼️💙

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#BeautifulSkin using #Food

Yes you can eat right and healthy and that will help your skin. But today I have found many great articles about using items found at your local grocery store that you can apply externally that will help with erasing the signs of aging temporarily and in some cases permanantly reverse some damage. Always test a tiny area before applying anything new to your skin to make sure there are no allergic reactions first. Here is my top five list of all natural beauty tips:

  1. Using Natural Foods for a Beautiful You by DoItYourself.com
  2. 10 Kitchen Pantry Beauty Ingredients. Whip up these all-natural beautifers using food items you have on hand BY PETRA GUGLIELMETTI
  3. Crunchy Betty has a great list of food to use in your hair for homemade shampoos
  4. Tree Huggers Easy Salt and Sugar Scrub Recipes
  5. Style Casters list of ancient beauty secrets that still work

Have fun reading and experimenting. Take some before and after pics and share them with me.  Email your stories and let me know if you want them shared on this blog. Unless you specifically say you don’t want them shared I may use them here. So please specify if your do not want them shared. 

Peace to you all this lovely evening and have a great weekend. 🌝⭐️✌🏼️

Hippie Lady