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What is a Hippie part two

I posted a few moths ago “What is a Hippie part one”  This is going to be part two.  Instead of another general post about what I think hippies are, this is going to be about what kind of hippie I am.

I’m second generation hippie.  My parents and uncle Terry were the “original hippies” in my family.  You would never know this by looking at them now. But fortunately my uncle loves to tell the stories and pull out the pics on occasion.

He once shook the hand of Jim Morrison. My daughter may request his hand be stuffed and mounted someday. She is third generation hippie disguised as an banker/t ball mom.

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I’m not exactly a “fruits and nuts” variety hippie as one of my aunts like to call modern day hippies.   I do love fruits and nuts and I am definitely all about saving the planet as best I can being married to a man who works in the energy services field.We have a cabin “in the woods” we are planning on retiring there eventually  and it will be as close to “green” as we can get it and still not freeze in the winter. We WANT to be self sustaining eventually.

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We hunt. Some people are highly offended by this. A lot of people who are also hippie type are vegan. We NEVER trophy hunt and we are very much against this type of hunting. We don’t hunt very much. Twice a year and some years we harvest nothing. If there isn’t a old or injured deer to harvest and help thin the heard, we don’t take anything. We ALWAYS eat what we take. We don’t buy meat from grocery stores because of the disgusting treatment of industrially raised animals. We are careful and thoughtful of where our food comes from.  We only buy free range no antibiotic eggs from people we know. I know that some of you will still have a problem with me. All I can say is we are making efforts. It’s more than I can say for most of Americans.

We are grandparents.

We love them all.

I sew. I love to make pillows for my grandkids and anyone who will take one.

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Hippie Lady Ideas ©

I love to create anything with anything I find lying around.

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We ride motorcycles. We just started a couple years ago. We love it. We have made many really great friends while riding.  It’s a great way to connect with nature and yourself. I think a lot about life and what’s important to me while I’m on that bike.

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I wear many hats and I enjoy them all.

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That’s me.  Not your typical hippie but my own kind of hippie.

Who are you?

Hippie Lady




I can’t sleep. Ever. I rest four, maybe five hours a night. I can’t stop thinking. I lie here in this big king, memory foam adjustable bed and tweet. I tweet a lot these days. I have Facebook and during the day I Facebook some. Some days I post several times a day. I’m bored with my existence. It sounds terrible. It sounds depressing to say I’m bored with my life.

It isn’t bad.

It isn’t sad.

It isn’t depressing.

Is it?

It is just a fact that I’m in the middle of my life and I don’t know what to do next.

The things I come up with seem ludicrous.

Travelling and photographing 100 plus year old buildings that are abandoned.

Photographing little known, forgotten, cemeteries.

Being a clown.  That sounds fun.

Opening another second hand shop.

Write a book even if no one reads it.

Drive all over the United States. Leave my home and just drive until I’ve hit all continental states. Screw Hawaii. I’m not all about flying unless I absolutely have to. I may at some point change my mind about the flying thing someday but for today… No need, no desire.

I feel like I’m not normal.

Not sure if that is a bad thing.

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Don’t let stress consume you

I don’t know about you folks but my life is stressful. It shouldn’t be. My kids are grown and doing well so what do I have to stress about?  It doesn’t matter to go into detail about the whys of life stresses.  Everyone has stresses and they affect us all in different ways.  Let’s just focus on how to relieve stress.  

Have you ever gone online and looked at your credit report? I have years ago when I was younger and it blew my mind all the stupid little things that were messing up my credit. Yes there were a few big mistakes but mostly it was small under a few hundred dollar bills I had blown off and didn’t pay. Keep in mind this was in my early thirties and I didn’t at the time fully understand credit reports. Anyway…

I freaked out thinking how am I going to fix this stressful mess?  I initially thought if I pay off these two huge debts I will be better off because fixing big mistakes first seems like the best thing to do to quickly relieve the “stress” on my credit.

Wrong.   Paying off the two big bills took a long time and only changed my credit score a few points and I was still sitting there spinning my wheels and looking at a pile of smaller bills.  Two years later the big bills were paid and my credit still sucked and I felt just as stressed about that credit report as I did two years prior. 

I finally paid off everything on that report. I then met someone else needing to fix a report as bad if not worse than my own. He asked for help. 

This time we ignored the large bills and focused on paying off all the bills under $500.  This person paid off ten bills over the course of six months and their credit score soared without paying a dime on the two huge dollar amount items on the report. Not only did the credit score go way up in a short amount of time but the persons mega stress about the credit score issue was virtually gone. 

My point is, tackling giant problems isn’t always the best choice at first.  Sometimes it is best to focus on the tiny problems around you and take them on one at a time.  When you are stressing about all life’s problems just stop and take a look around and find the little stresses and work on those first and then work your way up to the larger ones. It gives you an immediate sense of accomplishment that motivates you on to the next slightly bigger problem. 

Have a great Friday and stop and smell the flowers. 

As for me I’m taking some time to go to the hippie house in the mountains and finish painting it. We started last week and it’s coming along great!


Hippie Lady

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Start the #weekend with #FiveFingerDeathPunch

No time to post much. Just an idea…   Go somewhere fun and listen to music loud. Get a tattoo, drive around topless and enjoy life!  I’m off to mountains, people.  Empty nest syndrome? What the hell is that?! 💜✌🏼️
Here’s to having fun and midlife crisis in full swing! 💃🍻🎼

Hippy Lady 



#Hippie #HomeDecor

I don’t know about you guys but my home is in shambles. The house was built in 1991. It’s not a very old home. It’s actually the newest home I’ve ever had.  But after living here for six years, things are falling apart. First off there is this:

That is a little area above the fan that is above my dining room table. In this area on the ceiling there is a mirror inset in this wooden octogon.  I know!!! Who puts a mirror above a dining room table?  What kind of kinky stuff was going on in the head of the builder? I don’t know and don’t want to. But that mirror is cracked due to earthquakes or the house settling.  Whatever the reason, I’m glad because otherwise I’d never get my husband to agree to replace it.  He hates with a passion doing any home repair.  It’s simple. We. Should. Not. Be. Home. Owners. But we are. 

Next, I have a old bathtub that has decided it’s “giving up the ghost” along with the sinks in the same bathroom. They are made of some synthetic marble that was popular in the 1990’s but the lucky homeowners that got this great new product are finding out years later it doesn’t stand the test of time.  

Another problem is that my kitchen counters are ugly. They are ugly green and they are cracked. My hubs decided to make pancakes on a griddle and set the hot griddle on the counter. Apparently these counters are also made of crap materials because the hot griddle made the counter top crack. When the crack occurred it sounded like some one was standing behind us and shot us with a shotgun. I actually ducked and screamed. These problems among others have been happening ever since we moved in. 

Yesterday I had yet another nervous breakdown when I looked under the kitchen sink and realized the garbage disposal was leaking an ocean!!  Hippie ladies should not be this stressed. This is not okay anymore. What could I do to fix this money pit house with a husband who doesn’t seem to give a rats ass?  I called our mortgage holder and cried. Yes. I did. I asked for a refinance and a couple ten grand.  It may actually happen. My house may get the cash infusion to get things fixed. But now, who do I call to fix it all and how do I make sure they’re not a con man?  I already have been conned out of a few thousand by a jerk saying he would fix my bathroom.  I’m scared and excited. I need ideas. I’m libra and I can’t make a decision to save my life. I do know one thing. Once this house gets all pretty, we are selling and getting a rental with a maintenance person. 

In the meantime while I wait for the money to come (I hope) here are some good places to get decorating ideas if I decide not to sell.

 Boho bathroom styles

49 Boho kitchen designs

Let’s just dream about hippie houses
Peace to u on the lovely Friday ✌🏼️❤️🌹

Hippy Lady

Ps:  This is serious. I want this bathroom:  

This is what I’ve been living with for a year since the contractor ran off with my money and my sanity. 


#WednesdayWisdom #changesinlife

Today I’m making changes.

  1. No more game apps on my phone. This shouldn’t be too hard, but it is!  I don’t have a 9-5 job. I’m alone 75% of the time. No one is watching me. I just watched a program about adult adhd and the link between screen time and the disorder. I’m now a believer that I MUST cut down on my screen time. All those Candy Crush games (I had 3 installed 😳) were eating up more time in my day/night than I’m willing to admit here.
  2. I’m cutting out as much processed sugars as I can. This will be a slow and painful process that I’m scared to undertake. My biggest fear is failure due to not having the will to adequately research what I cannot eat or drink. As of this writing I am only an hour into it and have it in my mind I’m doomed to just drink water and eat, ummm…. Nothing.  I’m gonna die.
  3. I’m thinking now I want to go vegan and or vegetarian (yeah I have to go figure out what the difference is). Honestly I have never known anyone vegan that I’ve spent any amount of significant time with. Certainly not enough time to learn how to sustain my health in this manner. Please if there is anyone out there with ideas or recommend websites for vegan newbies, please speak up and HELP a hippie out.

So, where is the #wednesdaywisdom in this post and where are the Hippie Lady Ideas for you, the reader?  I’m wise enough (today) to know a lot of us need to make changes and I have come up with some ideas. Now, can we do it?  Yes. I believe we can if we help each other.  Give me some of your ideas and or just come here and read about my struggles and joys and give me some “atta girls”.

Until next time, peace and ❤️ to u,

Hippie Lady

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What is a hippie? Part 1

If you are here because you googled “hippie”, “hippy”, “what is a hippy” or any phrase like that WELCOME because somewhere in your heart you are a hippie. What is a hippie? Well it means different things to different people. To me it means that I live how I want without the fear of judgement. Some hippies are vegan and some are not. Some hippies look like business people on the outside and some look like they stepped out of the 1960’s. Some hippies are original and right out of the Woodstock era and some are young and hardly know what that even means. My advise and I don’t give advise often, is buy yourself a hippie “outfit”, something, anything that makes you feel “hippie”. I know that sounds idiotic but just try it. Wear it, whatever it is around the house or to the park. Play frisbee in your hippie clothes. It may just be a tie dye shirt or whatever, but do it. It’s not hard to free yourself from convention. Once you do this or if you already have a hippie “outfit” or if your whole wardrobe is hippie style clothing comment some pics here or email me at hippieladyideas@gmail.com and I will post them here. Let’s all get together and just be hippie.Peace to u,

Hippie Lady

Ps: here is one of my “hippie” shirts. ❤️✌🏻️img_0996-1