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Tash Sultana is Smoking Hot

Oh boy, oh boy. Tash Sultana!

Her style is the love child of Marley & Hendrix with a kiss of Eartha Kitt in her soulful sexy voice. Give it a listen and tell me what you think. Thanks to my best friend for turning me on to this one. I can’t wait to go see her live.

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A thought provoking post from another

Succeeding in life takes a great deal of time and effort. In order to be prosperous, we must pull together all of our willpower and put it into action. However, before we can do even this, we must learn to trust ourselves. Having faith in ourselves can be difficult. If we tend to focus on…

via Self-Trust in the First Secret to Success – Ralph Waldo Emerson — The Seeds 4 Life

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Life is short, enjoy it.

The third eye.

Not the third eye of ancient mysticism.

This is the third eye of that inflicts its dark opinions onto the host.

This third eye deceives.

It very well may be a second, dark personality.

This other negative silent watcher of all things waits for opportunities to emerge.

Silently it watches and waits for a chink in the armour of the host.

Stress.  Stress tears armour, even in the best of us.

Recognize stress triggers and flee from them.

If you cannot flee physically then flee in your mind to wonderous beautiful places.

Sleep.  Take a nap.  Relax in the grass of a meadow and stare at the clouds.

Don’t allow this dark side ruin a beautiful day.

Not one beautiful precious second of a life should be spend brooding over negative things.

Close that third eye.  Close your eyes and imagine it closed and silent and it will be.

You are in control of your own mind.

Be a lightbearer.  Shine.  Let light envelope the darkness, always.





More unwanted advice


She is here. She’s been here for most of his life.

She’s the one who lives here and loves him and worries about him.

He shut the door in her face.

He said he didn’t know she was behind him.

He didn’t apologize until she mentioned that she was talking to him and in mid sentence when the door slammed shut almost hitting her in the head.

He sneered at her when he finally said sorry after twenty minutes of being forced to stare at her while she over and over again replayed the scenario begging him to recall her talking to him. He says he doesn’t remember.

He knew the whole time that she was behind him. He shut the door in her face on purpose he later states, because he didn’t like what she was saying. She was talking about her plans for the day  He sighs a obvious “I’m sick of you” sigh and shits out his apology.

Every apology is like eating a pile of shit.

He gets angry if she can’t believe anything he says because of the constant gaslighting. But that is not excuse. He said sorry for fuck sakes.

He tells her to listen to him while he ignores her.   She listens and then repeats him word for word.  If he doesn’t like the sound of his own words or her reply to them, he calls her a liar and denies his own words.

She is living with a person who gets angry if she asks why he changed his mind because “she shouldn’t be questioning him”

His punishment must be doled out in secret. Every infraction of assuming her advise is wanted or her insisting on being heard and replied to kindly must be dealt with appropriately.

No intimacy. All advances are turned down unless she lets him humiliate her.

Hitting on her friends until she has none.

Making promises and breaking them unapologetically.

Acting outraged and confused is his go to when confronted

Gaslighting her and making her question her sanity is a preferred method to crush her spirit and avoid responsibility.

She is sitting on the couch smoking a joint waiting for the end.

Her heart is broken.

She is tired, middle aged and has no sense of self.

She wishes she could disappear.

If she could just learn to stop giving out more unwanted advise and learn that she is insignificant, who knows what might happen.

Might be, he may change.

To be continued and continued and continued and continued.



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Struggling To Find a Purpose?

Me too…

I struggle every day.  I haven’t so far been able to find my main purpose in life. I lost two people I love in the past three years or so.  One of these people had been with me my entire life and the other was my best friend since we were 12 years old.  Both of these people struggled in the same way as I.  I didn’t realize that until today.  My dad actually found his purpose late in life.  I thank God for that everyday.  He was an artist it turned out and a damn good one.

The other person died in bed alone, probably feeling like a failure.  We weren’t close in the end.  Two people who both struggle with depression don’t usually help each other very much and although we loved one another that love made it to where we could no longer look at each other or even talk.  It was too painful to watch and we couldn’t do anything for each other anymore.  We were and I am still emotionally crippled.

Recently I’ve come to realize how much not having a major life purpose is impacting my life.  The quality of my life is impacted and my happiness is suffering grotesquely because I feel like i’m floating aimlessly.  I don’t believe that a mere job will solve this severe depression that has come over me because of the lost empty feeling of having no purpose.

One thing I’d like to clarify; I know in this moment, that this is my personal demon.

The problem is, I am a people pleaser. I want my purpose to please the person I am in a relationship with.  I can’t handle a displeasing attitude around me.  It makes me question my ability, my intelligence, my purpose. When I don’t get full support in the form of interest and feedback I partially blame my partner when I back off what prior to the displeasing attitude I thought was MY PURPOSE.


My partner thinks nothing of it if I am displeased with his choices.  My partner had a purpose prior to meeting me.  I wonder sometimes if him knowing his purpose early in life makes him more independent and confident in all his choices.

Should he care more or should I care less?

If I think less of what he finds displeasing will I become more like him and possibly find my purpose?  Am I allowing my fear of others displeasing attitudes stifle my choices and my purpose in life?

How can I find happiness by disregarding my partner’s feelings and thoughts on something as relevant as a major life choice and purpose in life?



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Old Vinyl is Back

I once said that one of the most awesome sounds in the world is hearing the needle hitting the record and that still stands true. My generation has seen many kinds of audio format from cassette tapes, to compact disc, to high definition discs and we sure have enjoyed it all. But, there is no…

via Vinyl Records Hunting in Hong Kong — Young OFW