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Clowning around again

I bought a few more clown costume things and had some fun at a childcare center. I read a book about the circus to each classroom and I made some balloon flowers for the older children. Being a clown makes my heart sing. When I’m done playing clown for an audience I always feel like I have to go find somewhere else to share my happiness. But I just go home and sadly take off the makeup and the fun clothes and shoes. Is it ridiculous that I want to be a clown full time?! Yes it is. If I could I’d make everyone a fun happy clown at least for a day. Not one of those freaky scary kind of clowns. I think we can agree most people hate them. If you don’t, I think you need a head examination. 😂



Have a great day and clown around a bit. Have fun!

Hippie Lady 💜☮



I can’t sleep. Ever. I rest four, maybe five hours a night. I can’t stop thinking. I lie here in this big king, memory foam adjustable bed and tweet. I tweet a lot these days. I have Facebook and during the day I Facebook some. Some days I post several times a day. I’m bored with my existence. It sounds terrible. It sounds depressing to say I’m bored with my life.

It isn’t bad.

It isn’t sad.

It isn’t depressing.

Is it?

It is just a fact that I’m in the middle of my life and I don’t know what to do next.

The things I come up with seem ludicrous.

Travelling and photographing 100 plus year old buildings that are abandoned.

Photographing little known, forgotten, cemeteries.

Being a clown.  That sounds fun.

Opening another second hand shop.

Write a book even if no one reads it.

Drive all over the United States. Leave my home and just drive until I’ve hit all continental states. Screw Hawaii. I’m not all about flying unless I absolutely have to. I may at some point change my mind about the flying thing someday but for today… No need, no desire.

I feel like I’m not normal.

Not sure if that is a bad thing.