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Start the #weekend with #FiveFingerDeathPunch

No time to post much. Just an idea…   Go somewhere fun and listen to music loud. Get a tattoo, drive around topless and enjoy life!  I’m off to mountains, people.  Empty nest syndrome? What the hell is that?! 💜✌🏼️
Here’s to having fun and midlife crisis in full swing! 💃🍻🎼

Hippy Lady 


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Hippie Lady Designs #Jewelry Item no. TQ111 22″ Necklace

 Limited handmade necklace. Only 5 made!

contact hippieladyideas@gmail.com

#TQ111 $20 us plus shipping

This lovely piece was designed by myself & my husband. He always helps me design the jewelry because I want it to not just be appealing to one sex but to both. I love unisex jewelry.  This item is a approx 22″.  

To order contact me at hippieladyideas@gmail.com and put the item number TQ111 in the subject line. I have a Square reader and as soon as I get your email I will post the item on the Square Marketplace for payment and shipping information. I take refunds if you are not satisfied but do not pay return shipping. 

Item TQ111 – $20 plus applicable shipping

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Vickie Runge

I’m in love. I just found this beautiful woman. This wonderful watercolor of this mysterious woman. She reminds me of myself. I have a lovely blouse with the same colors. Before I colored my hair it was the color of this lady. I bought this professionally framed hippie goddess.  That’s what I’m calling her since I can find nothing about this painting. Behold her quiet beauty. . .   
    I found a few things online about this Oklahoma artist Vickie Runge. I found a few examples of her work but not much. I’m heartbroken that this fantastic example of her work was lost but I am more than ELATED that I found it!! 
This is a wonderful day. I have found a beautiful new hippie lady “friend” to spend my days with. 

Peace to you all on this wonderful sunny day ☮✌🏼️💜

Hippie Lady