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#Tattoos #Aging and other things…

The next tattoo I think I want.  I’m doing it. Soon.

 I wonder if the grand kids will be thinking Nana has lost her mind.

First purple and blue hair. Hey why wait until I’m 80 to do it?  Next a tattoo on my shoulder. Shall I dare say it? The beginning of a “sleeve”. GASP.  😯

 I hope I will look more like this…

 Aging is scary.  I cannot and will not deny my fear mixed with joy of the process. I’m not afraid of dying. I’m not afraid of my looks fading or the wrinkles.  I guess the scary part is losing people, losing time.  Missing out on all the things that will happen after I’m gone.  Like, I’ll never know what my grandchildren will look like old.

The joy in aging is learning new things…  Meeting new people. Relationships and friendships are more meaningful now. Not caring what people think and not having a “beauty standard” to uphold and just doing what I want and being whomever and whatever I want. People just think I’m getting old and crazy.  I don’t care.  It’s fun.

If you Google aging there is a lot to read. It’s a huge industry. It’s overwhelming.

I’m not going to read any of that.

I’m going to go research great tattoo artists in my area and start saving for that sleeve. I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll wait. I’ve got lots of time, after all I’m not even 50 yet. Shocking the kids and grandkids with a sleeve when I’m 70 might be more fun.


Hippie Lady ☮✌🏼️💙

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Hiding behind the screen

The Internet is an odd place.  Some  people just sit back and observe and some of us put it all out there for all to see whether they want to or not. 

Some people blog as themselves and others blog as they want others to see them.   

  Some people tell the truth and others fabricate some or all of what they put out there.  Some people post only what makes them happy and others only post what makes them depressed.   

 What we see online isn’t always what it seems. 

Some don’t post much negative things because they get enough negativity in their life that they don’t want to focus on it in their posts.  

The web is a happy place for some. 

On some blogs life is always sunny and happy.  That doesn’t mean that everything is always sunny and happy, it means that is what they choose to focus on. The person that is posting happy all the time may be living a miserable life and being happy online may be the only happy life they have. 

Some people post their demons. They try and cast out their negativity on the Internet. Purging, I call it. 

I’ve done both. I’ve had two websites, one puking out every pissed off feeling, all my anger and depressed thoughts and the other is all sunshine and unicorns.  

My point is… You cannot know someone from what you see online.  

That cheerful blog you are reading may be masking a person dying of cancer. 

That seemingly mad, insane ranting blog, may have a quiet little church mouse librarian hiding behind it.  

The blog telling of the blogger traveling all over the world, may just be a recluse googling pics of destinations they long to go on but really don’t have the money or guts to actually go.  

Someone posting organic recipes and great healthy ideas may be a dreamer hoping that someday that will be how they live. 

Life and online blogging is complicated. 

I call myself a hippie. But am I really or is it who I want to be or who I want the reader to believe I am?

photo courtesy Kelly’s Kottage Inc. ©

That’s the fun of the Internet. 

Hippie Lady ☮✌🏼️


#Black & #Purple #Haircolors

I’m getting my hair done, right exactly now.  I walked in like this…

I’m hoping I turn out something like this.     

Waiting under the dryer…. 

Live, love, and enjoy the colors of life!

Hippie Lady 💜☮

Shout out to Bre Ott for the color, cut and the photo of final outcome. 

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#BeautifulSkin using #Food

Yes you can eat right and healthy and that will help your skin. But today I have found many great articles about using items found at your local grocery store that you can apply externally that will help with erasing the signs of aging temporarily and in some cases permanantly reverse some damage. Always test a tiny area before applying anything new to your skin to make sure there are no allergic reactions first. Here is my top five list of all natural beauty tips:

  1. Using Natural Foods for a Beautiful You by DoItYourself.com
  2. 10 Kitchen Pantry Beauty Ingredients. Whip up these all-natural beautifers using food items you have on hand BY PETRA GUGLIELMETTI
  3. Crunchy Betty has a great list of food to use in your hair for homemade shampoos
  4. Tree Huggers Easy Salt and Sugar Scrub Recipes
  5. Style Casters list of ancient beauty secrets that still work

Have fun reading and experimenting. Take some before and after pics and share them with me.  Email your stories and let me know if you want them shared on this blog. Unless you specifically say you don’t want them shared I may use them here. So please specify if your do not want them shared. 

Peace to you all this lovely evening and have a great weekend. 🌝⭐️✌🏼️

Hippie Lady

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#Spring Fever + #Allergies = Unhappy Hippie

My top five favorite natural allergy relief list 

Warnings: Ask your doctor or a nutritionist when you are making major changes to your diet or restricting specific food types or food groups from your meal plans. A health professional will help ensure that you eat a healthy, balanced diet while adhering to dietary restrictions.

  1. Organic hot mint tea. The hotter the better. I sip it slowly and drink a couple of cups in the morning to alleviate sinus pressure. This is not a cure but it definitely eases the symptoms temporarily. Currently I am at the mercy of store bought.     I don’t have any fresh mint. It hasn’t come up yet. I didn’t save  enough to last all year. Mint is one of the easiest plants to grow and most varieties come back on their own year after year bigger and better.  I’ve not tried growing it indoors. I’ll have to check to see if it is possible. I’ll let you know in a later post.
  2. Water. Lots of water thins mucus. I make sure I get plenty of water. 
  3.  Naturopath Connect is my go list for things to eat and not eat to help with sinus problems. A few things that help me is lots of vitamin c enriched foods. Pineapples and oranges are my favs. I avoid dairy while my sinus is swollen.  
  4. Netti Pot. Not enjoyable but it really helps. 
  5. Hot steam. 

Peace to u all!  I hope everyone has a clear sinus and enjoys their day. 

Hippie Lady

As for me:

I need one of these

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    A what?! I love to dress up like a clown.  I don’t do it very often but I love to do it.  I don’t just want to be a regular clown though. I want to be pretty. I don’t want to be a scary creepy clown. I’ve got an idea. Hippie Clown Lady. So far this has been my clown costume:  

    I can make balloon flowers. So… How about Flower Power Hippie Clown?  I need ideas. I googled hippie clown and not much pops up. This is good and bad. There is one “famous” hippie clown. I present to you Wavy Gravy  

    Being a second generation hippie, I vaguely recall this fella. But this is not the type of hippie clown I inspire to be. I am looking towards something more suited to going to my grandchildrens childcare center and or birthday parties. I found a few things online I could use and this hippie clown patch is made right here in Oklahoma  

    Here is a cute outfit that may work. I do like the colors and style anyway.  

     Maybe I can get one of the weinie dogs to dress up also!  Now makeup…  

    The possibilities are endless. I’m really going to consider this. Would you be interested in hiring a pretty hippie clown lady to make balloon flowers for a 60’s or hippie themed party? Comment your thoughts and ideas!

    Peace to u! 

    Hippie Lady